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Roofing service day tips

Know How To Prepare For Your New Roof

Let Your Neighbors Replacing a roof isn’t the quietest job. Giving your neighbors a heads-up gives them time to prepare. They also won’t be startled when the job starts. If your homes are close together, you may also want to let them know that your roofer might hang a tarp from their roofs to avoid damage. Cover Items In Your Attic

There’s a chance that nails, shingles, and other debris may fall into your attic, getting into your insulation or your stored belongings. Make sure to cover everything before the roofers arrive to keep your valuables clean and safe.

Mow Your Lawn When your roof replacement is complete, the roofers will go around your home to pick up fallen nails. Cutting your grass before they begin working will help to make the search easier.

Hold Off On Your Garden Roofers will lay tarps around the perimeter of your home. If you have flowers planted along the edges, they’ll get covered. While this keeps debris and nails out of your gardens, your flowers may get damaged.

Perennials will come back the following year, but annuals won’t. You may want to hold off on planting any annuals until the next year. Alternatively, schedule your roof replacement for the fall. Be Mindful Of What's On Your Roof If you have a satellite dish on your roof, contact your satellite provider before the project starts. Your provider will relocate the satellite to the siding of your home and recalibrate, so that you can catch the game. If you no longer use the satellite, let the roofer know, and they can remove and discard.

Choose Quality Underlayments

Your roof works as a layered system. It’s important to know that roofs are not waterproof; they are water shedding. What is underneath your shingles is important. Having a quality synthetic underlayment can be the difference maker and will help extend the life of your roof.

Ask Questions Understand the types of materials being installed on your home. Not all shingle brands are created equal. Ask about the warranty that you will be getting from your contractor and what kind of warranty is being provided by the manufacturer. Ask who to call if there is an issue or concern during the construction process. It is always a great idea to have more than one person to connect with. Finally, make sure you understand exactly how the billing process will go. This is often the most frustrating piece of roofing project.

Make Plans For The Day As previously mentioned, replacing your roof will be a loud project. You don’t want to sit at home and listen to the banging all day. Not only that, but being outside during the replacement is dangerous. Make some fun plans for the day and leave the roofers to their job. Don’t forget about your furry friends too.

Be Patient While expert roofers work to minimize complications, sometimes, problems arise. If they do, it’s essential that you be patient and work with the company to find a solution.

Take A Walk Around When The Job Is Done

While your roofers will inspect the area around your home for nails, some may escape their thorough inspection. After the job is complete, take a walk around your house and look for any that went undetected. Making the extra effort will help protect you, your children, your pets, and your tires. Replacing a roof is no small task. Being prepared and understanding what to expect will help make the process easier.

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